Seamless digital workflow: from scan to provisional

Improving the lives of the patients is a common priority.

Discover how to do this by making their experience shorter but effective thanks to the Digital workflow.

With Dexis IS 3800, that gives you the freedom to face with every indication and the flexibility to choose when and how interact with treatment partners. Combined with DTX Studio Software, you can do diagnosis and planning for individual requirement in a short time and with high precision.

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With SprintRay Ecosystem you can complete your internal workflow with the provisional print chairside. This system allows you to maximize the efficiency of your clinic.

With X-Guide® dynamic 3D navigation system, you can scan your patient, plan treatment, and perform surgery in just one single visit. Dynamic surgery offers the benefits of guided surgery without the need for surgical templates

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* The times given for the workflow are based on an optimized scenario that does not include any additional steps such as X-rays, anesthesia of the patient and includes pre-planning of the implants. The 60 minutes mentioned refer to a situation with a good initial position of the bone and should only serve as a guideline.


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