4 reasons to choose X-Guide

1. Showcasing technology

Show patients that you are leveraging the latest technology. With X-Guide you can:

– Perform free-hand surgery with a real-time 3D guidance of your drill
– Perform flapless surgery or elevate flaps
– Achieve shorter time-to-teeth

2. Enable same-day guided implant surgery

Scan, plan and navigate; this is how streamlined the workflow is.

– Control drills and implant position real-time with dynamic 3D navigation during surgery
– Perform guided surgery for more patients without the need of a surgical template

3. Dynamically adapt your surgery

X-Guide can impress in every situation.

– Always see your plan and keep control
– Option to immediately adapt your plan during surgery

4. It’s like GPS for your drill

The X-Guide system features real-time 3D guidance of the drill position and anatomy.

– Oversee every movement of your handpiece for a more exact implant placement*
– Control your drill even when it is out of sight

Learn how Dr. Paul Tanaka incorporated X-Guide into his practice

* Compared to free-hand surgery.

Important safety information
See Instructions For Use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions. As such, provided patient criteria are met and adequate primary stability is achieved, Nobel Biocare implants allow a fixed provisional restoration to be loaded on the day of surgery.

Disclaimers: For professional use only. Caution: Federal (United States) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed clinician, medical professional or physician.

X-Guide™ is manufactured by X-Nav Technologies, LLC, and distributed by Nobel Biocare. X-Guide™ is a registered trademark of X-Nav Technologies, LLC.