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Introducing Xeal™ and TiUltra™

Surface chemistry cells can’t resist.

Mucointegration era
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Upcoming surface technology webinars

At Nobel Biocare, our mission is to champion creators of confidence. Every day, each of you creates that confidence in the patients you so compassionately treat in your practice. We have officially launched our new Xeal™ and TiUltra™ surfaces in the United States. Make sure to watch above and receive a 9-minute overview on how our extensive expertise in anodization technology is applied to the full implant system, from abutment to apex.

We tailor our online training for every experience level – whether you want to get started with the fundamentals of implantology or further develop your skills into the advanced. Get ready to learn alongside industry-leading experts from around the world. 

Register below for our upcoming webinars. 

March 18, 2021

5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m EST

Speaker_250x250_Walton_SalibBehind the bling: Meeting of the minds with Dr. Philip M. Walton and Dr. Nader Salib. Join the Instagram Live event as they answer the important questions on the latest implant surfaces. 

To get the most of this event, we recommend downloading Dr. Walton’s case study. The study documents a 78-year-old patient’s journey from edentulism to being fitted with upper and lower dental implants using the All-on-4® treatment concept. The case study also provides updates after six and 18 months.   

After the event, Dr. Salib's case study will be available. 

This is an event you won’t want to miss. Register today and we will send you a reminder for the Instagram Live event.

Be sure to follow Dr. Phil Walton (@drphilwalton) and Dr. Nader Salib (@surgical_gourmet) on Instagram!

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Watch on-demand

Speaker_250x250_MacLeanSoft-tissue preservation and restorative flexibility with new surface technology

1 CE credit | 60 minutes

In this webinar, Dr. Scott MacLean will describe how the new surfaces, TiUltra for implants, and Xeal for abutments, promote soft-tissue integration at every level, from abutment to implant apex. Dr. MacLean will discuss how the surface chemistry and topography of the TiUltra and Xeal surfaces are specifically designed to promote soft-tissue attachment, and how the On1 concept, with the On1 Base with Xeal, preserves the soft tissue attachment without compromising restorative flexibility.


•  Learn how the surface chemistry is designed to promote early osseointegration, and how TiUltra and Xeal promote both hard and soft-tissue outcomes
• Learn how the On1 Base with Xeal surface preserves connective tissue structure while offering full restorative and surgical flexibility, by promoting undisturbed soft-tissue after implant placement
• Learn how the On1 concept allows for a simplified restorative procedure through a digital workflow



Watch on-demand

Speaker_250x250_BirdiPerio-prosthetic synergy utilizing new surface technologies

1 CE credit | 60 minutes

In this webinar, Dr. Bobby Birdi will discuss the details of the perio-prosthetic implant interface and the biologic benefits of new surface technologies. He will discuss and showcase how he has integrated new surface technology into his dental implant treatments. Dr. Birdi will do a deep dive into the details of how proper treatment of the implant and abutment surfaces are important to long-term treatment success and how surface chemistry, topography, and porosity promote osseointegration, as well as soft-tissue preservation. Dr. Birdi will examine the link between soft tissue health and implant stability and function, and how early sealing of the implant connection can lead to optimal integration of dental implant restorations.


•   Learn how the implant-abutment interface and implant positioning is important to long-term success

•   Learn how early sealing of the implant-abutment connection can promote bone and tissue stability

•   Learn why surface technology is important to the long-term success of dental implant treatments


Synergy of surfaces





Stay up to date on the latest news and information.

Download: Xeal & TiUltra product brochure

Download: Scientific evidence

Download: All-on-4® treatment concept product overview

Download: Conical connection implants & prosthetics product overview

Download: On1™ concept product overview

Download: NobelActive product brochure with TiUltra

Download: NobelActive TiUnite long-term study


Read clinical and case studies on Nobel Biocare technologies.

DOWNLOAD: On osseointegration in relation to implant surfaces | Tomas Albrektsson, Ann Wennerberg

DOWNLOAD: A randomized, controlled, clinical study on a new titanium oxide abutment surface for improved healing and soft tissue health | Jan Hall, Jessica Neilands, Julia R. Davies, Annika Ekestubbe, Bertil Friberg

DOWNLOAD: Quantitative in vitro comparison of the thrombogenicity of commercial dental implants | Vincent Milleret, Phillipp S. Lienemann, Sebastian Bauer, Martin Ehrbar

DOWNLOAD: Safety and efficacy of a novel, gradually anodized dental implant surface: A study in Yucatan mini pigs | Cristiano Susin, Amanda Finger Stadler, Marta Liliana Musskopf, Mariana de Sousa Rabelo, Umberto Demoner Ramos, Tiago Fiorini

DOWNLOAD: Rational design and in vitro characterization of novel dental implant and abutment surfaces for balancing clinical and biological needs | Vincent Milleret, Philipp S. Lienemann, Angelines Gasser, Sebastian Bauer, Martin Ehrbar, Ann Wennerberg

DOWNLOAD: Safety and efficacy of a novel anodized abutment on soft tissue healing in Yucatan mini-pigs | Cristiano Susin, Amanda Finger Stadler, Tiago Fiorini, Marianaa de Sousa Rabelo, Umberto Demoner Ramos, Peter Schupbach

DOWNLOAD: Evaluation of a novel oral mucosa in vitro implantation model for analysis of molecular interactions with dental abutment surfaces | Sanne Roffel, Gang Wu, Ivana Nedelijkovic, Michael Meyer, Tojo Razafiarison, Susan Gibbs


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