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Lifelong professional growth starts with gaining knowledge and skills about what you need to treat patients with perfection. Nobel Biocare tailor the course program to your level of experience, so you can either get started with the basics or further develop your skills to the advanced. What is your next step on the competence ladder?

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Special interests

Tilted implants - INT-OCT       Tilted implants Cadaver - INT-NOV copy      Zurich Masterclass - ZUR-NOV      

PID-EG - DEC-1    


Placing implants

Starting with implants - NO-OCT-1    David Guy - UK-OCT    Starting with implants - SE-OCT

David Guy Year Course - UK-OCT    Optimera dina implantatbehandlar - SE-OCT-1    CADE - UK-NOV

Starting with implants - SE-JAN


Restoring implants

Restoring implants - UK-OCT        Restoring implants - SE-NOV       Restoring implants - NO-NOV

Restoring implants - UK-JAN


All-on-4® treatment concept 



Soft and hard tissue management

Soft tissue - SE-OCT       Soft tissue - UK-DEC



Get into reality - NO-SEP    X-Guide - UK-OCT    Get into reality - DK-NOV


For nurses / hygienists

Nurse course - SE-SEP    Nurse course - FI-OCT copy    Nurse course - SE-NO copy

Nurse course - UK-FEB 2023    Nurse course - UK-MAY 2023    Nurse course - UK-JUNE 2023