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Gain the foundational clinical skills and increase your confidence with master teachers. Choosing the right courses is critical to your success.




Get hands-on experience placing implants with live surgery on actual patients. Increase confidence associated with your first implant placements by having an experienced clinician right there with you.



Place implants in your own practice, on your own patients, with a mentor coaching you chairside. Become comfortable placing implants in your own environment, knowing you are not alone.


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Hear what other clinicians have to say

“I knew that dental implants would be the future of dentistry and I always want to be on the cutting edge. Once I got the hands-on training and proper one-on-one attention, I was comfortable with placing my own implants. Now, implantology has become my passion! I have been able to successfully help so many patients who are missing teeth. It is very satisfying and has helped to grow my business.”

– Dr. Kyle Stanley 

"Having gone from trepidation with the thought of placing implants in my practice, to now being excited every single time I see them on my schedule, I can say it's the best clinical adjunct I've added. Streamlining patient care with an in-office workflow has positively affected acceptance and satisfaction. I'm very glad I took the time to become proficient at such a rewarding aspect of dentistry!" 

– Dr. Joel Fast

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